Smart Ears Online Workshops

Graduate Webinar Series


We are pleased to introduce our very first recorded webinar! Over time, we hope to introduce a number of such webinars.

The Graduate Webinar Series is meant for those who have completed one or more Smart Ears live workshops. They help you get continually better as therapists and teachers by taking your skills to the next level.


The webinars are not live but specially recorded to maximize the value. This means you can access the webinar any time you want, at your convenience, and watch them as many times as you need (within your access period).

Dive Deeper!

The webinars take a concept or technique that you have learned in the live workshops and go into greater details, which is not always possible in live workshops.


These webinars will be of short duration, 90 minutes to two hours, on average.


Each webinar focuses on a single element. This could be a technique, strategy, objective, or theme. For example, a webinar may demonstrate a real-life example of applying a technique.


These webinars will provide ASHA CEUs. You may also use these hours towards other professional development and credentialing purposes. A certificate will be provided.


Please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section below. If you still have an unanswered question, please write us by clicking on "Contact Me" at the bottom of the page.


Please note that this webinar uses PALM, an auditory learning matrix developed by the instructor, extensively to demonstrate the assessment process. An overview of the matrix is provided as part of this webinar.

Graduate Webinar (Recorded)

Cases in Auditory Skills Assessment:
Case 1 (3 Year-Old; Typical Progress)
This webinar demonstrates how to use PALM, an auditory learning matrix, to chart the current auditory skills profile of a child. First, a brief summary of auditory skills hierarchy and the auditory learning matrix will be presented. Next, you will watch a series of assessment video clips of the child and fill out the PALM chart. This is followed by a guided viewing of the same video clips, where the instructor gives detailed commentary at various points of the clips. On the basis of those discussions, she fills out the PALM chart. The instructor then discusses how to develop short-term objectives and long-term goals from the assessment exercise. Finally, the instructor demonstrates how to translate the objectives into a practical therapy plan, to help us implement our strategy.
Pratibha Srinivasan, Au.D., CCC-A, LSLS-Cert.AVT
(Pre-requisites: Smart Ears live workshops: BASICS. Also recommended, ASSESSMENT workshop. Please see FAQ for more info on pre-requisites)
2 Hours 40 Minutes

This course is offered for 0.25 ASHA CEUs
(Intermediate Level, Professional Area)

For other professionals, this course should
provide 2.67 professional development hours.
See FAQ below for more information
Equipment Required
Any computer (PC or Mac), iPad or other tablet; Broadband Internet connection. See FAQ for more details.
Individuals: $49 (30 days access)

$199 (up to 5 people; 3 months access)
$269 (up to 10 people; 6 months access)

See FAQ below for more details



Are the pre-requisites strictly enforced?

No. You can pay and watch the webinar and will receive a completion certificate even if you have not taken any of the Smart Ears live workshops.

But we call these “graduate” webinars for a reason and we would strongly recommend doing at least the BASICS workshop before taking the webinars. The terminology and even some of the specific tools used in the webinars are introduced in the workshops and in that sense the webinars are a continuation of the workshops, allowing you to drill deeper into a specific aspect or topic covered in the workshops.

How exactly do these webinars work?

Can I use an iPad?

Yes, The webinar is a set of video files that you can watch on any computer, tablet, or smartphone (we don’t recommend watching on a smartphone, though!)

Will I get a certificate?

Yes. All registered (and paid up) participants who fill out the online course feedback form after watching the webinar will receive a certificate. We send certificate once a month, at the end of each month.

Do I have to watch the webinar in one sitting?

No. The webinar is split up into short video files, averaging 5-10 minutes each (a few are much shorter; a few may run 15-20 min). You can watch them at your convenience. However, please watch them in sequence (the video clips are numbered for your convenience).

Can I watch the webinar more than once?

Yes. You can watch the whole webinar or specific parts of it as often as you like, within your access period. You will, however, receive a certificate only once!

Can a group of us watch the webinar together?

Yes, provided each participant has registered and paid the fee. If you are part of an institutional registration, then each member of the group should belong to the same institution. If individual, then each should have registered separately. To permit a non-registered person to watch alongside oneself is a violation of the terms of participation and is explicitly prohibited.

What About Handouts and Other Workshop Material?

Any hand-outs for the webinar will be included in the same folder as the video files. Once you have sorted the displayed files alphabetically, you will find the handouts at the bottom of the list of files. You can download, print out, and keep them as reference while watching the webinar.

Do you do Purchase Orders?

Yes, but it will delay your access of the webinar. If possible, please pay by PayPal (credit card).

If you need to send us a PO, please do so to our workshops email by clicking “Contact Me” at the bottom of this page, or by emailing to
{workshops at smart hyphen ears dot com}. Please specify if you need us to invoice you.

How does Institutional Registration work?

If you have 5 or more staff members you would like to enroll, you can use institutional registration. Institutional discounts come in the form of a lower fee per person as well as a longer access period.
1. Please note that the email addresses of each enrollee should have the same domain name (e.g.,
2. You don’t have to write in all the email addresses at the time of your payment. You can provide the primary contact email address and send us the additional names/ email addresses later. For example, if you choose the 10+ enrollees option, you will have an access period of 6 months. You don’t have to provide all ten names at once. But please note that the access period will end 6 months from the date of payment for all of them.


Our recorded webinars offer ASHA CEUs (just like our live workshops).
1. The CEUs are given for completing the course. Partial credit is not given.
2. In order to receive the ASHA CEUs, participants must
a) complete the online course feedback and evaluation form (upon receiving which, we will email you a workshop completion certificate); and
b) mail a hard copy of the ASHA participant CEU form. We send ASHA the CE forms only once a quarter, at the end of each quarter.
3. Please do not send us the ASHA CE Registry fee. This fee is paid by the participant directly to the ASHA national office.

Others may be able to use these professional development hours to fulfill their continuing education requirements. You can use the certificate to document the hours. Please check with your accreditation agency.

Grievance Resolution Policy

If you have a complaint or grievance about any aspect of your participation in one of our webinars, please send an email to detailing your experience and attaching any previous communications you have had in resolving the problem. We will investigate and reach a resolution in consultation with you, and communicate it to you within 30 days of receiving your complaint. Our objective is to serve you by providing value in the form of our workshops and we will try to help any way we can. Some issues, though, are beyond our control (e.g., if the equipment or internet connection at your end is inadequate). Please note that our maximum liability cannot exceed the registration fee that we received from the participant.

I Have More Questions!

Click "Contact Me" at the bottom of this page to send an email. ( Or write to workshops{at}smart[hyphen]ears[dot]com )

Why does the instructor talk slowly on this webinar?

This webinar is not closed-captioned (although we hope to do it when we have sufficient resources!). Often, in this webinar, the instructor speaks as a voice over, and thus cannot be lip-read. Our webinar attendees include not only individuals with hearing loss, but also internationals whose primary language is not English. For these reasons, the instructor speaks slower than otherwise, so it is easier for everyone to follow her talk.