1. By Credit Card

Here's an easy way to pay with your credit card (through PayPal).

PayPal is safe, reliable, reputable, and easy to use. Click here for more info. You do not need to have a PayPal account.

In the payment area below, please fill in your email address. This is the email address you will use to log in and watch the webinar. This is the email address to which we will send your registration confirmation and instructions on how to access the webinar. Please double check your email address for accuracy before you click “Pay Now”!

When you click the “Pay Now" button below, you will be taken to the Paypal website, where you can review the details of your payment, provide your credit card details, and click "Buy" to complete the transaction (You should receive an email from PayPal advising you of your payment and that your credit card has been charged. If you did not receive such an email, it means your transaction did not go through and that you need to try again).
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(Webinar) Auditory Skills Assessment: Case 1
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2. By Purchase Order

We also do purchase orders, but you won’t have immediate access to the webinar. Please email us (click “Contact Us” at the bottom of this page) and we will send you whatever information or documents (W-9, etc) that you need to prepare a PO.